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mindless rants of a 20-something guy…

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On tongue piercings:

I got my tongue pierced last Sunday.  It was an… “Interesting,” experience to say the least.  I am convinced that the shock of the pain sent me into a fever-induced hallucination that night.  Despite news of a virus going around that was being said to cause fever, chills, and nausea… I still contend that it was the pain of the piercing that made me feel feverish and had me out of commission for the next day as well – I’m much better now.  I’m better because I took the piercing out.  Imagine that, the striking image of masculinity that I am (hahaha), and I couldn’t even hack it for a week.  The pain had subsided by Thursday but I decided that I love food too much.  So much so, that I was not about to wait two weeks to get used to having something on my tongue as a barrier between my taste buds and the copious amounts of delicious flavors that I come by on a daily basis.  Horrible side note: Sunday through Tuesday all I ate were soups. My inner-fat kid had decided, the tongue ring was not welcome.  So today, Friday, I went to lunch with a co-worker and had a delicious cheeseburger.  As I went about the rest of my day, I decided that as an early dinner before coming to work, I would have Hooters – boneless chicken wing platter with medium sauce.  Needless to say, I’m enjoying the bareness of my tongue.

On my music obsession for the week:

After I got my tongue pierced on Sunday, I went to the greatest place on earth, Wal-Mart (O_o).  I was there to buy my food for the next few days… soups.  I somehow wandered to the electronic department as I tend to do quite often, and found myself browsing through the $5 CD bin.  I didn’t intend on buying anything from there because I never do.  I always just browse while my mind goes on thinking about other random things.  Shakira’s Laundry Service album caught my eye this time though, and I decided to buy it.  Why?  I have no idea.  So for the past week I’ve had tracks 7, 8, 9 and 10 on repeat in my car.  I think I even fantasized about singing one of them with a slower, jazzier feel for American Idol, should I ever audition.  Not that I would ever audition or would even sound great, but just for the sake of fantasy and having the song sound a bit different.  Who knows maybe they’d at least show my audition on TV.  I think I’m over that short lived musical obsession though.  I’m reverting back to my angry-girl music.  Evanescence, We Are The Fallen, Flyleaf… those are just a few of my favorite angry-girl bands.  Currently, though, my music is set to shuffle so I’m on Chris Young’s “Tomorrow” (country (which I also really enjoy)).  My taste in music is all over the place.

On this post’s title:

A “20-something” guy is writing this post.  I don’t care that people say that I’m still young but even as a child, I always felt that after 25 adulthood was inevitable.  I think it’s because after 25 you stop getting perks until your 60’s or whenever it is you get a senior citizen discount and/or retirement.  At 18 you’re considered an adult.  At 21 you can legally drink alcoholic beverages.  Even at 25 you get a perk, the most important one, I think; you get a discount on car insurance.  After all that however, it seems to me, it’s just you and life.  I’m not 26 yet though.  I will be 26 on the 26th of May of this year.  I’m looking forward to it.  I’ve been told I already look older than 25 though, so eh, no biggie on the looks part, at least till I get to the age most people think I am (average estimated age-28) – I think it’s the facial hair.  Anyway, back to me being a kid and my thoughts on post-25 years, I promised myself that unless it was truly important, I would just say, “I’m in my twenties” after 25.  That aside, a big shout out to a friend who’s actually celebrating his 26th birthday tomorrow January 18th.  He’s outta town though so I don’t have the opportunity to buy him birthday shots.  Maybe when he comes back.

Well those are my rants for today… a few pictures from my iPhone follow. (from my iPhone because I haven’t edited anything else recently and these are still pretty enough to upload anyway)




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