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I’ve been wanting to paint recently.  However, since my current living situation is not private and I’d hate to make a mess at Josh and Karen’s (the couple I’m staying with) place, I’ve been holding back.  I suppose I can wait till I either move out or I find an old tarp or old blanket that I can use as a “spill spot” in case I get a little too ambitious with my painting.  Anyway, since I’ve not been able to paint, and I have finally finished all my wedding editing (about time!!!), I decided to go out into one of the surrounding towns to get some shots of the surrounding beauties.  Check ’em out…

(reminder: you can see these and more in my gallery









caleb & jessica…

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What can I say about these two?  They’re a beautiful couple and I wish them much happiness.  The following are some of my favorite shots.  The rest of them will be posted at  …  Enjoy…





state of being…

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Today it feels a bit more permanent… the Colorado thing.  Although I just had the worst case of home-sickness as a result of watching a few videos done by some friends back home, I still like this feeling of self-improvement that I’ve come to know living up here in Colorado.  I’ve been inspired up here in completely different ways than back home.  A few pictures from Colorado follow… don’t judge too harshly… I’m trying new things…

Rick Sargent’s Free Mind


where none dare go


in the midst…

boy & jazz…

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So it’s been about a month or so that I’m back in Colorado.  I’m up here in the mountains.  It’s lovely.  The air is fresh, the grass is green, and there is still snow on the mountains.  I love it up here.

The first month up here has been a little crazy.  I just came up here and still had things going on that needed to be finished in El Paso… namely, editing my friends’ wedding pictures.  I finally finished most of them last week.  Now I just need to get an order -how many they want or which ones they want, stuff like that.  Anywho, that’s that…

So I’m just gonna post some of my favorite shots.  If you wanna see more you can go to  Also come back (I know I take forever to post stuff but there will be new shots, I promise) to see the shots I get from my other friends’ wedding that will take place at the end of this month.  They should be pretty groovy.






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As we all know, I am probably the least person you’d expect to be talking or writing about weddings, romanticism, or anything couple-related in general.  I’m not a Love hater or anything but that’s just not my “thing” as they say.  However, it has recently come to my attention that two of my very good friends are getting married.  Last Sunday in the middle of karaoke, I receive a text saying, “So I’m engaged.”  I couldn’t believe it for a second.  I knew that it was going to be sometime soon, I just didn’t expect it in the middle of belting out “Lamento Boliviano” by Enanitos Verdes at the top of my lungs, hahaha.  In all honesty, I thought he’d be dead once he asked his girlfriend’s father for her hand in marriage .  .  .  Totally kidding.  Anyway, I was super happy for them both.  The next day I was asked if I’d be down to do their wedding pictures.  I said yes of course.  So there’s that wedding coming up, but before that I will be doing another wedding.  It’s one of my best friend’s wedding.  So just FYI peeps, keep your eyes peeled for those pictures!  Anyway, here is a picture that I immediately thought of when my friends told me their news.  It’s actually from that day with my other friends out on the town…





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I’ve been pretty down recently.  Some news I got recently weren’t exactly what I expected, thereby ruining my 6 month plan – dag nabbit!  Meh.  Now I’m actually trying to reshape my thinking into taking these bad news and using them to my advantage… bettering myself, taking more time to do what I know is more important but haven’t been doing, and just basically turning this seemingly negative thing and turning it positive.  All that in mind, I decided to take a “recovery” day with a couple of friends and just forget the world with all its madness and go show El Paso to a newfound friend.  We took him all over the place, from the Fox Plaza flea market to Memorial Park to some awesome parts of downtown.  One of the “in between” places we stopped at spoke to me though.  An old motel in west El Paso that has been turned into a sort of  “mini mall” of consignment stores is what I fell in love with. I have a few shots.  Check em out.







opinion on coffee…

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I have a friend who told me recently, “We should have a drink together sometime…”  He’s legally allowed to drink alcoholic beverages now.  I simply smiled and nodded in agreement.  He’s a nice guy.  However all this time, from the moment those words left his mouth up to the moment I nodded, I couldn’t help but think how weird it would be to have a drink with him.  Reason being… I’m more Martinis and Long Islands at The Dome while he’s more Guinness at an Irish Pub in Ireland, I’m sure.  Despite the differences that put us each in our own respective category as previously mentioned, we’ve had some interesting conversations over coffee, watched movies over coffee, and I even wanna say that we may have even had coffee after going running.  That may be wrong though… I’m not sure.  Anyway, my point is that had we never had coffee together, I probably would’ve refused his offer for a drink sometime.  Coffee bonds people… well in my opinion, that is.  So here’s to my favorite beverage.