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mindless rants of a 20-something guy…

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On tongue piercings:

I got my tongue pierced last Sunday.  It was an… “Interesting,” experience to say the least.  I am convinced that the shock of the pain sent me into a fever-induced hallucination that night.  Despite news of a virus going around that was being said to cause fever, chills, and nausea… I still contend that it was the pain of the piercing that made me feel feverish and had me out of commission for the next day as well – I’m much better now.  I’m better because I took the piercing out.  Imagine that, the striking image of masculinity that I am (hahaha), and I couldn’t even hack it for a week.  The pain had subsided by Thursday but I decided that I love food too much.  So much so, that I was not about to wait two weeks to get used to having something on my tongue as a barrier between my taste buds and the copious amounts of delicious flavors that I come by on a daily basis.  Horrible side note: Sunday through Tuesday all I ate were soups. My inner-fat kid had decided, the tongue ring was not welcome.  So today, Friday, I went to lunch with a co-worker and had a delicious cheeseburger.  As I went about the rest of my day, I decided that as an early dinner before coming to work, I would have Hooters – boneless chicken wing platter with medium sauce.  Needless to say, I’m enjoying the bareness of my tongue.

On my music obsession for the week:

After I got my tongue pierced on Sunday, I went to the greatest place on earth, Wal-Mart (O_o).  I was there to buy my food for the next few days… soups.  I somehow wandered to the electronic department as I tend to do quite often, and found myself browsing through the $5 CD bin.  I didn’t intend on buying anything from there because I never do.  I always just browse while my mind goes on thinking about other random things.  Shakira’s Laundry Service album caught my eye this time though, and I decided to buy it.  Why?  I have no idea.  So for the past week I’ve had tracks 7, 8, 9 and 10 on repeat in my car.  I think I even fantasized about singing one of them with a slower, jazzier feel for American Idol, should I ever audition.  Not that I would ever audition or would even sound great, but just for the sake of fantasy and having the song sound a bit different.  Who knows maybe they’d at least show my audition on TV.  I think I’m over that short lived musical obsession though.  I’m reverting back to my angry-girl music.  Evanescence, We Are The Fallen, Flyleaf… those are just a few of my favorite angry-girl bands.  Currently, though, my music is set to shuffle so I’m on Chris Young’s “Tomorrow” (country (which I also really enjoy)).  My taste in music is all over the place.

On this post’s title:

A “20-something” guy is writing this post.  I don’t care that people say that I’m still young but even as a child, I always felt that after 25 adulthood was inevitable.  I think it’s because after 25 you stop getting perks until your 60’s or whenever it is you get a senior citizen discount and/or retirement.  At 18 you’re considered an adult.  At 21 you can legally drink alcoholic beverages.  Even at 25 you get a perk, the most important one, I think; you get a discount on car insurance.  After all that however, it seems to me, it’s just you and life.  I’m not 26 yet though.  I will be 26 on the 26th of May of this year.  I’m looking forward to it.  I’ve been told I already look older than 25 though, so eh, no biggie on the looks part, at least till I get to the age most people think I am (average estimated age-28) – I think it’s the facial hair.  Anyway, back to me being a kid and my thoughts on post-25 years, I promised myself that unless it was truly important, I would just say, “I’m in my twenties” after 25.  That aside, a big shout out to a friend who’s actually celebrating his 26th birthday tomorrow January 18th.  He’s outta town though so I don’t have the opportunity to buy him birthday shots.  Maybe when he comes back.

Well those are my rants for today… a few pictures from my iPhone follow. (from my iPhone because I haven’t edited anything else recently and these are still pretty enough to upload anyway)




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January 17, 2014 at 7:04 pm

inconsistencies, social media addictions, and rants

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So it’s the start of a new year.  2014.  I think I’ll start writing again… or at least posting pictures to my blog again, as well as to my Shutterfly (BrokenLensCap) gallery.  I almost feel a bit embarrassed writing/posting again… even if it is to keep up with something “important” like a New Year’s resolution.  It feels almost as if my word processor resents me because all I’ve used my computer for recently has been for photo editing, music, and movies while the writing function was just forgotten, abandoned, thrown out like last year’s ugly Christmas sweater that you wore to that Ugly-Christmas-Sweater Party. 

It’s been over a year that I’ve posted anything on my blog… but that’s not to say I haven’t come up with some witty comment or retort during that time.  Of course, I don’t remember any such comments or retorts.  They should be somewhere lost in cyberspace though, for those who are daring enough to go looking.  Someplace, on that figurative wall that Facebook deemed appropriate to name as mine when I decided to add it to one of my social media addictions.  Twitter was the first addiction. After Twitter I started a blog that didn’t last.  Shortly after that, I started this one… which also, after a few posts started showing a measure of inconsistency like with most things I start, (o_O) yikes.  Facebook makes me feel active to some extent though, because even if I don’t post anything for several days, at least I share a favorite music video… or at the VERY least I like my “friends’” posts.

Went off on a rant there… whoa.  Oh!  Side note: After being so anti-Instagram for like ever, I decided to join that too.  I’ve been happily addicted to Instagram for a little over a year now. 

I guess I’ll give a brief year and a half in review as well… just to keep whoever reads (or used to read) this up to date with what’s been up in my neck of the woods.

Last bit of 2012 is pretty much a blur, not because it went by fast but because I have a horrible memory.  I don’t think I officially made it public that I’m gay; the days just went by and with the exception of me directly telling my parents, I suppose my sexuality just went by being assumed and verified gradually by everyone else.  So I guess I’ll get that outta the way… I’m gay! 😀  Hahaha!  I guess I should’ve made it officially public 2 years ago when I came out to my parents… or rather 4 years ago when I got my first secret boyfriend.  It doesn’t seem like such big news anymore… not that it really surprised anyone in the first place.  I’ve never really been the manliest of men; I was never afraid of a little eyeliner ;-P  (I wonder how many people will find it annoying that I use emoticons in my post (not gonna lie, it mildly annoys me))

2013 was pretty good to me.  I got a ton more work which I’m happy about.  Unfortunately that has been one of the reasons I haven’t really kept up with my photography but I think it’s all a matter of scheduling and finding time just like with anything else.  For 2014 I will definitely be making more time for the stuff I’ve left unattended.  2013 showed me good times galore; to name a few, participating in the Mr. EPSCP pageant, a great Gay Pride celebration, new friends, new tattoos and piercings (the last two were a bit painful but fun nonetheless because I have a great tattoo artist and those times were spent with friends).  2013 was also the second year back from Colorado.  I’ve had times when I miss my friends from Colorado as well as the weather, but ultimately I’m happy to be back to where I grew up and to be doing what I like again.  Of course, there have been trials but who doesn’t have those.  Learn, let it go, and go on.  

Well here’s to the start of a New Year!  I’m going to make sure I maintain this online presence better and longer than before.  May this year find you all doing well and I hope everyone has a good one!

And what would a post be without pictures?

Here are a few shots that are about a year old from my film camera and some edited winter pictures as well…

p.s. I’ll update my Shutterfly gallery ( ) with some more pictures






There will be new pictures in the pretty much every section of

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