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bold move…

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I have valuable life lessons to share…

For example, before I came to Colorado, my then killer Alfredo sauce consisted of me going to the store and buying the most interesting jar of Alfredo sauce I could find so that all I had to do was just add it to my pasta.  It was the least amount of work possible.  Now, I can make an amazing Alfredo sauce from scratch.

It’s one of the many things I’ve learned up here in Colorado.  I’ll give you more examples, ‘don’t bring soda, bring wine to a dinner party’ or ‘just because it’s a small turtle, don’t think you can easily commit to caring for it long term’ (yes, that is something to be discussed with my therapist) or ‘yes, there is, in fact, surfing in the Colorado mountains!’  They’re  just small life lessons one gets to know while living outside one’s comfort zone.

As comfortable as I had been, living with my two really cool roomies, I decided to make another move.  Don’t get me wrong, I love their place.  It’s situated just so that the golf course is their back yard… *smirk* (pretentious much??? not really.  it’s a mini golf course).  Anyway, with the help of some friends I came across a huge, old, historic house.  I will be renting a room here.  It’s got it’s own entrance, it’s own character, and now, it’s very own ME!  I’m excited.  I will now be living near the heart of this little town. . . which is about five minutes from where I live now, but still.  It’s about two blocks from downtown Glenwood Springs.

I guess we’ll see what new life lessons I learn in that new little place…

I’ll have more valuable life lessons to share…

‘Always have a spare key’

‘Always carry a snack’

‘Don’t be afraid to use condiments’