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Today it feels a bit more permanent… the Colorado thing.  Although I just had the worst case of home-sickness as a result of watching a few videos done by some friends back home, I still like this feeling of self-improvement that I’ve come to know living up here in Colorado.  I’ve been inspired up here in completely different ways than back home.  A few pictures from Colorado follow… don’t judge too harshly… I’m trying new things…

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So it’s been about a month or so that I’m back in Colorado.  I’m up here in the mountains.  It’s lovely.  The air is fresh, the grass is green, and there is still snow on the mountains.  I love it up here.

The first month up here has been a little crazy.  I just came up here and still had things going on that needed to be finished in El Paso… namely, editing my friends’ wedding pictures.  I finally finished most of them last week.  Now I just need to get an order -how many they want or which ones they want, stuff like that.  Anywho, that’s that…

So I’m just gonna post some of my favorite shots.  If you wanna see more you can go to  Also come back (I know I take forever to post stuff but there will be new shots, I promise) to see the shots I get from my other friends’ wedding that will take place at the end of this month.  They should be pretty groovy.