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I’ve been pretty down recently.  Some news I got recently weren’t exactly what I expected, thereby ruining my 6 month plan – dag nabbit!  Meh.  Now I’m actually trying to reshape my thinking into taking these bad news and using them to my advantage… bettering myself, taking more time to do what I know is more important but haven’t been doing, and just basically turning this seemingly negative thing and turning it positive.  All that in mind, I decided to take a “recovery” day with a couple of friends and just forget the world with all its madness and go show El Paso to a newfound friend.  We took him all over the place, from the Fox Plaza flea market to Memorial Park to some awesome parts of downtown.  One of the “in between” places we stopped at spoke to me though.  An old motel in west El Paso that has been turned into a sort of  “mini mall” of consignment stores is what I fell in love with. I have a few shots.  Check em out.








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  1. I am happy you were able to take a Personal Day and really enjoy it….These pictures are truly beautiful! You should sell prints – they would be amazing. You are making me want to come to El Paso.


    April 9, 2011 at 4:56 pm

    • Thanks! I appreciate your appreciation, hahaha. 🙂
      Girl you totally should, though. Take yourself a Personal Week and come on down.


      April 9, 2011 at 5:11 pm

  2. […] beautiful, but inspirational and moving. I thought I would share this beautiful photo, courtesy of BrokenLensCap, with you all. Enjoy! Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Hair LoveCute Couple, Cute […]

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