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opinion on coffee…

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I have a friend who told me recently, “We should have a drink together sometime…”  He’s legally allowed to drink alcoholic beverages now.  I simply smiled and nodded in agreement.  He’s a nice guy.  However all this time, from the moment those words left his mouth up to the moment I nodded, I couldn’t help but think how weird it would be to have a drink with him.  Reason being… I’m more Martinis and Long Islands at The Dome while he’s more Guinness at an Irish Pub in Ireland, I’m sure.  Despite the differences that put us each in our own respective category as previously mentioned, we’ve had some interesting conversations over coffee, watched movies over coffee, and I even wanna say that we may have even had coffee after going running.  That may be wrong though… I’m not sure.  Anyway, my point is that had we never had coffee together, I probably would’ve refused his offer for a drink sometime.  Coffee bonds people… well in my opinion, that is.  So here’s to my favorite beverage.




photo shoot update…

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I hadn’t updated this lovely piece of cyberspace real estate in quite a while.  I though, why not update it with a photo shoot.  A photo shoot of none other than yours truly…