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lost in geography…

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I’m a little lost… not really. I am currently in a little area in Colorado.  I believe I am somewhere between Basalt and Snowmass.  If you, dear reader, don’t know where exactly that is, feel free to Google it.  If you’re too lazy to do so, that’s ok too… fyi, I am in the Aspen, Colorado area.  I’ve been enjoying my stay up here.  I came to visit a friend who talked me into skiing for the first time ever and enjoyed myself a great deal.  I had the most delicious, yet extremely over-priced Long Island Iced Tea too.  Most importantly though, I’ve been sleeping well.  I think it has to do with being away from my home town.  Every time I go someplace else, I find that I sleep incredibly well.  All in all I’ve felt quite dandy.  One of the guys I’m staying with says it must be the altitude that’s contributing to my being well-rested and my recent contentment.  I don’t know.  Maybe it was my little shopping spree this evening.  I bought a few sale items at a store that I absolutely love; that made me quite happy.  Or who knows… maybe it is the altitude.  I’m a little lost…


Well I’ll be a little lost a little longer.  Tomorrow I’m off to Denver, Colorado to work.

Anyway, the main reason for this entry… my friend and I went to Village Inn today and the lady who served us was so sweet.  She gave my friend a very pretty rose.  Of course I saw the opportunity to get a few shots.  Here they are…







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When it snow in El Paso everything shuts down.  However, despite the icy roads and cold wind, if one drives carefully and has warm clothes, one can get some wonderful photographs.  The second shot just looks like it’s a really windy evening with sand or dirt on the road but that’s snow.  Ironically enough though, by today the snow has melted and the wind has been fierce and now that shot can be used to depict the windy dirty weather experienced here in El Paso too.





I also love how the sky looks on those types of winter nights… (yes it’s a night shot)




a new painting…

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“what we least expect in life – the truth and lies and everything in between”


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I took pictures of two little fixtures I’d never noticed before in my house. I was pleasantly surprised to find them.