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Last weekend as a result of the need to pay rent and buy groceries and a small check, I was forced to stay in El Paso.  I, however, refused to stay here.  If I wasn’t gonna be able to make it to Denver like I had previously planned, I was at least gonna get out of town no matter what.  I ended up going 3 hours away from El Paso TX to Marfa TX.  A tiny little town in the middle of no-where probably best known for the infamous Marfa Lights (unexplainable lights in the night sky that come and go – It’s close to the Mexican border so I say they’re illegal immigrants with flashlights crossing over the mountainous border region, falling off in their attempt… Hahaha (horrible I know; sue me)).  What it’s least known for among less “cultured” people such as myself (read: anyone who doesn’t have a degree in art), as I nor any of my other friends knew about this til my graphic-design-artist-friend told me about it – Chinati Weekend.  This huge exhibit opens up every year around this same time to the public.  You get to have a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the artistic legacy that Donald Judd left behind.  It was a crazy, inspiring look at minimalism by various artists.   It was amazing!  Of course I took my camera.  Most of the shots I got though, are for documentation purposes only.  However, upon reading a two of my friends blogs – neither having anything to do with the other, I decided to post the following images.  They are just 2 images from 1 of the 6 buildings in which variations of this piece are shown (that’s a mouthful).  The reason I decided to show these, is because of two interesting blog posts I read… one by Shawn Mihalik ,  the other by a good friend who’s blog is called TheComplexityOfChaos…

The first deals with borrowing and taking a different approach to or adding some of your own flare to pieces done by other artists.  The second deals with a type of filter I like to use on some of my photos – lomogoraphy.  I decided to post these shots, first because it’s my interpretation of Dan Flavin’s “untitled”…  using that kind of filter.

Dan Flavin’s “untitled” revisited using a lomographic filter typically found in ‘toy cameras’ … part 1

Dan Flavin’s “untitled” revisited using a lomographic filter typically found in ‘toy cameras’ … part 2


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