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inspiration at Chinati…

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A few shots that I had put off posting…

“in the light of the sun”


“against the grain”


“his notes”



after concert nights…

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So I’ve had these shots on my computer for a few weeks.  I just got around to editing them.  I went to a concert with my good friend Audrey and we decided that it was still too early to go our separate ways afterwards.  We decided to have a late night shoot under one of my favorite bridges.  We took a bunch but these ended up being my favs.  Let me know what you all think.

“after hours 1”


“after hours 2”


“the nights the boredom becomes overwhelming”


a song…

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“We meet every day at the same cafe
Six-thirty and no one knows she’ll be there”

Michael Buble Me and Mrs.  Jones

six thirty at the cafe…

an unforgettable weekend…

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Last weekend as a result of the need to pay rent and buy groceries and a small check, I was forced to stay in El Paso.  I, however, refused to stay here.  If I wasn’t gonna be able to make it to Denver like I had previously planned, I was at least gonna get out of town no matter what.  I ended up going 3 hours away from El Paso TX to Marfa TX.  A tiny little town in the middle of no-where probably best known for the infamous Marfa Lights (unexplainable lights in the night sky that come and go – It’s close to the Mexican border so I say they’re illegal immigrants with flashlights crossing over the mountainous border region, falling off in their attempt… Hahaha (horrible I know; sue me)).  What it’s least known for among less “cultured” people such as myself (read: anyone who doesn’t have a degree in art), as I nor any of my other friends knew about this til my graphic-design-artist-friend told me about it – Chinati Weekend.  This huge exhibit opens up every year around this same time to the public.  You get to have a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the artistic legacy that Donald Judd left behind.  It was a crazy, inspiring look at minimalism by various artists.   It was amazing!  Of course I took my camera.  Most of the shots I got though, are for documentation purposes only.  However, upon reading a two of my friends blogs – neither having anything to do with the other, I decided to post the following images.  They are just 2 images from 1 of the 6 buildings in which variations of this piece are shown (that’s a mouthful).  The reason I decided to show these, is because of two interesting blog posts I read… one by Shawn Mihalik ,  the other by a good friend who’s blog is called TheComplexityOfChaos…

The first deals with borrowing and taking a different approach to or adding some of your own flare to pieces done by other artists.  The second deals with a type of filter I like to use on some of my photos – lomogoraphy.  I decided to post these shots, first because it’s my interpretation of Dan Flavin’s “untitled”…  using that kind of filter.

Dan Flavin’s “untitled” revisited using a lomographic filter typically found in ‘toy cameras’ … part 1

Dan Flavin’s “untitled” revisited using a lomographic filter typically found in ‘toy cameras’ … part 2

two weeks ago…

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So about two weeks ago, I was stressing over a certain someone who hadn’t called, emailed, or texted.  Today I’m giddy as a school boy in Paris.  The no call, email, or text phase passed by with flying colors and left me a little more detached from the world than usual.  I’ve reverted to my Evanescence listening days.  My angry girl music is some of the best to listen to after getting attacked by nature, conscience, and friends.  Up until just recently I’d forgotten all about my two Evanescence cd’s.  Anyway… enough about that.  While I was being attacked (we’re talking 3 burnt fingers, wild turkey roaming the camp site, and an annoying dog that followed the group around for the whole weekend) by nature on that delightful yet shower-less trip, I managed to get some good shots in the wild. These are just a few… the rest will be up on my DeviantART account:


“after the children”