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outdoor art…

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A few weeks ago there was an art show called Neighborhood Watch: A Projection Walk.  Basically it was an outdoor event that took place near the local university.  It was amazing.  Some of my photography was displayed so that was pretty awesome.  Paintings, photography, and looping video art were projected onto the sides of houses as digital media and sculptures were on display on peoples’ front yards.  This piece caught my eye though… There were sculptures and two interpretive dancers on this person’s front yard moving ever so gracefully mimicking the music playing in the background.  There were plenty people present so at times you could not hear the music.  Even then, just the sight of the dancers and the set up was enough to blow your mind.  It was one of the most amazing things I saw that night.  Anyway, thought I’d share what I was able to capture.


now just a lovely decoration…

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We took some pleasant memories that at some point went bad… both mine and a friend’s.  We have collaborated on this and have now turned once pleasant memories into decorations for my place.  Check it out.

“forgotten I”

“forgotten II”

A collaboration between Phoenicia White and me (Dario Garcia). . .

nights with paint and bamboo…

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“By the time I hit the ground…”


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audrey and michael (not a couple! lol! (they’re cousins))



Two of my most recent models… they’re cousins.  Audrey and Michael.  Quite enjoyable to work with both.  Michael and I still have a pending shoot though.  Anyway, these are my favorite shots from both shoots.