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I fear I’ve finally gone mad.  I’ve slept very little as of late.  I would be inclined to say it has to do with the relatively “new” place (not brand new but new to me), but it’s nothing to do with it.  I say it’s ok though.  I always wondered what it’d be like.  I will say that any noticeable difference is in my cooking and in my creativity.  They kind of go hand in hand now.  I will explain why… Recently my best friend gave me an old squared table.  It’s tall – about an inch taller than my kitchen counters (which isn’t bad; I’ve always wanted a tall table).  However, said table did not come with chairs or stools, so I have nowhere to sit.  Also I have no dining room so the recently acquired table stands tall in my kitchen, adjacent to my stove.  I tend to set my painting supplies on it – yes, I’ve taken up painting.  So with this tall table in my kitchen, without a place to sit, and painting supplies on it, I often times find myself cooking and painting at the same time.  Sometimes I eat (standing up of course) and paint, which I don’t find particularly helpful when it comes to titling anything I paint.  The titles end up being some sort of confused thought having to do with food such as “The Boiling Point of Fettuccine,”  or “Soul, Thoughts, and Pesto.”  Which just goes to show my newfound madness.  If I wasn’t mad, I’d come up with something more original I’m sure.  The sleepless nights also allow me to catch up on certain things though.  My mother had bought me two end tables that had to be assembled.  A few nights ago I assembled those after having done an awesome ab workout.  I also recently took up learning Italian so that’s awesome too.  Sometimes I’ll just watch a movie though and I fall asleep, so that’s cool.  And now I’m ranting… Anyway, I want to share some of my newest art.

“soul, thoughts, and pesto”

“trouble sleeping”

“boiling point of fettuccine”

I’ve done two photo shoots recently so a few of those shots will be up soon.  I’m also still working on some projects with the new, abstract-ish photography, so we’re continuing to wait for that.


dan & kim…

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Two good friends of mine.  Everyone has their special day… here’s a bit of theirs…



“the look of love”

“them two”

“The Look of Love”

-Diana Krall

The look of love is in your eyes
A look your smile can’t disguise
The look of love is saying so much more than just words could ever say
And what my heart has heard, well it takes my breath away

i’m back…

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I’m back… Hopefully with a tad more regularity.  The wedding I spoke of earlier… those shots have been completed.  The editing process is long and tedious.  Thus my prolonged absence… again.  Anyway, I’m quite happy with them.

On a different note… I felt I’d lost my inspiration for a while there.  During the time I was editing the wedding shots, I couldn’t help but think about my art and how it’s taken a sudden drop in artistic quality.  So, cyberspace, be ready to take on a whole new different take on my photography.  How?  I’ve not the slightest clue to the deepest idea… but rest assured it will be different.  I asked for a critique recently and this one artist I hold in high esteem suggested I try something other than the usual “peaceful moments/hidden treasures shots.”  So that is what I’ll do.  Maybe I’ll do something a little abstract, or ridiculous, don’t hate me for it, I’m just experimenting.  Anyway, having said that, I’ll share something just a little random…  it is something from my new place, which, by the way, I’m still getting used to.  At some point I’ll ramble about that too.

“home decor”