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a new kind of something…

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As everyone (the random few who visit this blog) may have noticed…  I recently took a leave of absence.  A sort of break, as it were.  Well actually it’s been more like a working vacation.  I’ve recently started a new stage in my life.  I’ve moved out on my own.  That was the main reason for my absence.  The other most recent part was a friend’s wedding!  I was the photographer.  So look forward to a few of those shots.  There’s a few really good ones.  Anyway, at some point I’m sure I’ll rant about my new little place.  It should be interesting to see what I end up writing.  Anywho, here’s a shot of a cute little place I was introduced to about a month ago.  The bar seats at the lovely Coco Miel…

“the bar”