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I watched a delightfully depressing movie today.  I also watched a depressingly delightful movie yesterday.  I won’t mention the title to either because mostly everyone who dares read this blog… or even worse, this post, will most likely disagree and argue that either movie was in fact a lovely romantic comedy.

I will disagree and stand by my word; they were both delightfully depressing and depressingly delightful; then again I tend to have a biased view of romantic comedies and anything romantic in general… especially recently.  I have decided that I no longer believe in “love” or “people.”

I will narrate my disbelief in love with an excerpt from something I wrote about a year ago when I was barely coming to the realization that “Love” doesn’t exist…

“With time to waste and lots of road to cover, a friend of mine and I shared different opinions on such a universal topic that many people have used as a basis for literary works, music, and movies… “Love.””

I told her that the conclusion that I’d come to as my reason for questioning “Love,” was to convince myself of good relationships between two people.

I’ve yet to be convinced.  What she told me scared me even more.  She said, “What if the reason behind your constantly avoiding relationships has to do with you, and not really the idea of relationships itself?  It probably has to do with your being afraid of getting hurt.  And if that is the case, maybe that’s why you don’t want to let anyone close enough to hurt you, or worse, ‘love’ you.”

Having that in the back of my head constantly, is the best and worst thing I could have gained from my recent trip to Colorado.

Aside from that though, a few months later, I have come to yet another realization as to why I’m not too crazy about “Love” …

Why is it that two people who share so much in common and are dying to be with each other, can’t make it work??  If the love is there, and the attraction is there, why aren’t they together?  Shouldn’t it be “Love” that brings them together and sort of bonds them together indefinitely?

Apparently not.

And the part that sucks is that I look at and to these people for validation; I look to them for an example on how life in general should be.

So I’m stuck thinking, “If “Love” hasn’t worked for them, how is it supposed to work for me?””

My disbelief in people though, is mostly general.  It ranges anywhere from publicists and advertisement agents to any common person in general… I think most people can relate to that.  In terms of how any one person has disappointed another in his or her lifetime.

That’s what is wrong with me.  My idea of “Love” and “People (as a whole)” is a preconceived (negative) notion that I refuse to give up.

Anyway that was my recent rant.  I hope I didn’t depress anyone too badly.  And please speak up if you have any words of wisdom to help me, or arguments in general to any of my views.  Please.. (I need it).

But meanwhile, what would a post be if it didn’t have a picture… (the only thing that keeps me from total madness… photography)

“winter day”



5 Responses

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  1. those are some beautiful hands 🙂


    May 20, 2010 at 10:17 pm

  2. Very bold, romantic notion there, Adrian, but I’m afraid that’s what is is, a notion. You can’t evade love as much as you can stalk her. You don’t pursuit love, rather you encounter her especially when chances are you both haven’t met in person yet, whoever, wherever she is. So I say you’d be an idiot to question, doubt, or worse, abolish love altogether. Your outright blasphemy of love already proves yourself wrong, since you have had the heart to confess heartbreak. You said it, love is complex, a rose smitten in thorns. Still you’re forgetting we’re imperfect, inexperienced mortals striving to reflect the most outstanding, immortal quality of Jehovah God. Succumb to philophobia, and you’re an atheist. Hope I’m making sense, sorry to ramble. Love your recent captures btw! Thanks for sharing brother.


    May 20, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    • You do make perfect sense. I suppose I do still have hope… I secretly admitted to a friend of mine that I do. But until I see it work out for some random stranger and not only in movies, the struggle will continue. It will eat at the heart slowly, until it’s all gone. I hope that doesn’t happen though. I hope the end comes before that happens. Anyway, thanks to you my good man, quite much, for arguing my “notions” and “rants.” It helps to a certain extent.


      May 22, 2010 at 4:09 pm

  3. i am entertained


    May 25, 2010 at 10:31 pm

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