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a day with the roses…

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A day left in El Paso TX before I go on vacation to Pittsburgh PA and I find myself in this quaint little rose garden that I didn’t even know existed in El Paso.  It’s quite the dandy experience…  Especially now that it’s spring.  A few shots from the lovely walk I took in the Rose Garden…

“walking with the roses”


“natural colors”

“their own prisoners”

“wedding day”

Stay tuned for pictures from Pittsburgh!!!


… it falls

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“… it falls”

when my cynicism fails to protect me…

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A good friend of mine showed me this telephone post where her parents’ initials had been carved years ago when they were dating.  They were high school sweethearts; now, years later, they’re still very much in love.  It’s a nice thing to witness.  .  .  Not even a cynical photographer can deny it.

-d. adrian

the boys…

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“everyone here”

“say so much”

nature and sunsets…

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“tu recuerdo”



Sometimes Nature has the best kind of art!